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ABOUT US        

RPTV (tommy & ican*agoesdjam) are Visual Jockey Group based in Jakarta, Indonesia. They have been working together with their very own unique style since 2006. And in 2013 they established RPTV. Unlike other VJ, they also made a contribution to the industry by producing video loops. And now they released their video loop packs under Resolume ( VJ Software & Visual Content Distributor based in Netherlands). All the video loops have been used at Ultra Music Festival, Tomorrowland, Glastonbury, Paradiso Festival, Green Valley Festival, Sunburn Festival, and many more. 

In the EDM industry their list of gigs are line up, such as : Embassy Playground 2008-2010, Trancemotion 2009,Java Soulnation 2010, Jakarta DJ Festival 2012, David Guetta Live in Jakarta 2012, SHVR Ground Festival 2018-2019, Djakarta Warehouse Project 2011-2019, etc.

As one of their concrete step in the industry, likely they collaborate with few Indonesian musicians (Soul ID, JFlow, Imela Kei, Mike’s, Disciples, Glenn Fredly, Alexa Band) for they concerts. Recently they collaboration with
Midnight Quickie , Jevin Julian and Weird Genius

And they just done their music video projects in which they made for Sara Wijayanto feat. Mike's, Dochi Sadega feat. NSG, Halfway Home, and SoulBridge.

Beside for the EDM industry, RPTV also like to do VJing for corporate events under the name Visual Corporation.

Not only active in the "commercial" side,
RPTV also still manage their time to participate in video art exhibition like the one held in Netherlands. And the latest are their Audio Visual Artwork Showcase at Suntec Singapore in collaboration with Music Producer Jaya Aydra from Midnight Quickie.

With such diverse contribution these VJ made in the industry, no wonder they made it to the 2nd place in worldwide footages contest held by & in 2011 they're chosen as VJ of the year by . And the latest they are chosen as Visual Artist Of The Year by Paranoia Awards 2018 Hardrock FM Jakarta.


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