DashBase is an exercise in minimalism, with maximum effect. With excursions into glitch and op-art, Ican Agoesdjam's second release in Resolume is sure to make an impact on every screen. Prices € 29.00 (320x240) € 39.00 (640x480) € 49.00 (PAL) € 49.00 (NTSC) € 69.00 (720p) € 79.00 (1080p) 25 video clips Photo Jpeg & DXV BUY HERE


EXTENDED (7-17 NOVEMBER 2014) If you are in Singapore, watch this AV artwork at "the BIG PICTURE" of SUNTEC Convention & Exhibition Centre throughout October 2014 at random dates. It's collaboration between our visual artist, ican*agoesdjam with the music producer from Midnight Quickie, Jaya Aydra. DOWNLOAD THE MUSIC FOR FREE HERE Words from SUNTEC Singapore: A paragon exemplifies the perfection of a quality. This collaboration between music producer and VJ synchronises dance beats to a kaleidoscopic wonder of visual artistry. This could be the dawn of South East Asian influence in the global dance scene.

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