Our VJ, ican*agoesdjam interviewed by Tabloid Wanita Indonesia

ICAN AGOESDJAM: LIKE A DJ By: Arimbi Tyastuti Translated to English by: Tomas Soejakto The digital art industry keeps progressing swiftly. Within this industry, various alternative professions emerge, offering ample creative works. One such profession is the Visual Jockey. Colorful spectrums of light flashed from all around the stage. Music boomed with life and energy; compelling everyone present to nod and move with the rhythm. At the back of the stage, a large screen gleamed with shapes and texts that move, shift and transform in sync with that rhythm. This is the work of a Visual Jockey (VJ). Ican Agoesdjam is one such artist in this dynamic profession. “The job of a VJ is just like a Dis


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